Empowering Girls II

The Dress Making Workshop

After the success of the first workshop, we had to restore those youthful smiles again! With the aim of a second workshop to revitalize this sense of empowerment and independence among the girls, we brought on board designer Norhan El Sakkout.


Curating a collection of unique creations, the pieces showcase embroidery and young talent while ultimately giving back to the underprivileged girls in Egypt .


We believe Saqhoute’s brand vision undoubtedly harmonizes with this social initiative to lead an impactful and liberating change. 

Check out the Scarves made Inspired by the Girls at Banati!


Fashion is not just an expression of character, but often provides seekers with strength and individualism. Keeping that philosophy in mind, this workshop revolved around dressmaking, wherein the children crafted dresses exhibiting the power of imagination and creativity.

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