We are proud to be part of the movement of brands using business as a force for social good and with your support can be the means for small actions that create an empowering difference in the lives of young girls in Egypt.

Banati Foundation is one of the only organisations supporting girls living on the streets in Cairo to lead safe, healthy and productive lives. Banati Foundation runs two shelters and one drop-in centre, providing food, clothing, healthcare, education, legal and psychological support for children and their families.

Your purchase can empower an orphaned girl We are really proud to be partnering with the Banati Foundation, where we will be hosting periodic workshops with different designers on a rotational basis.


Authentique is diverse, modern and rich of talented women; if there is one thing that sets the brand apart it is connecting women and sharing their story.

Our first workshop of the year was kicked off by our founder Nada Marzouk and designer Farah Omar. Farah Omar is ​an original Egyptian design house that captures the essence of impeccable beauties of nature and meticulous intricacies of architecture in distinguished, hand-painted silk scarves. 

Farah Omar, who will be designing a scarf inspired by the youth at Banati foundation. All proceeds will be be donated to the foundation and their great work in sheltering and providing for young girls.

Check out the  Banati Carnival scarf here

The theme of the workshop was nature and scenery where the girls were taught to draw and paint using water colours. We ended the day with many smiles and wonderful paintings of the sun, rivers and trees!

 Curating a collection of unique creations, the pieces showcases embroidery and young talent while ultimately give back to the underprivileged young girl orphans in Egypt .

Check out the Scarves made Inspired by the Girls at Banati!

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