Vancouver Fashion Week FW19

Behind the Scenes of the VFW Runway Experience

Taking you behind the scenes of the runway video that took place in  Toronto before taking off to Vancouver. Giving you a glimpse of the collection and 
focus is to inspire the essence of a greater feminine movement while staying connected to their gift of finding distinctive pieces for the woman that wants to stand out. 



The Runway Experience with Authentique

 The Runway was a surreal experience for us at Authentique.   We'd like to thank the VFW team for making this happen!

After months of preparation with the designers and the production team it was a very exciting moment for all of us!

The Day of the Runway was filled with fittings and rehearsals of models walking up and down the runway! 

We received so many compliments on our soundtrack. Our friends in Egypt, the infamous Disco Misr hooked us up with an amazing set!

Disco Misr are two known DJs in Egypt, Reviving the oriental sounds with a twist of disco and funk.

Check out their page Disco Misr.


  Favourites from the Runway     

Shop The Kenton Skirt Set, Maya Eco

Shop the Asymmetrical Embroidered Jumpsuit  Shop The Sapphire Coat  Shop The Oro Blazer

Getting Ready

The Redken Team was so kind enough to get all our models glammed up before the show.

Hair & Makeup 

With  Cleopatra inspired makeup infused with tones of gold. The Face masks & headpieces worn embodied our idea of the collection "The Divine Adoratrice": an 

empowered woman who is in touch with her roots with an eye for unique finds.


 Special Thanks

Our Runway Designers for their participation

 Authentique Volunteers, Music & Production

& VFW Organizers!




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