Liana Tarantini



Liana Tarantini

The Sculpture and Design Studio is based in Toronto, ON, specializing in sculptural art and custom home décor.

Liana and her team of creative professionals produce works of art that span across a wide range of artisanal disciplines. Liana works alongside both industry professionals and private home owners to deliver innovative design solutions tailored to their individual creative needs. 

Sculpture & Design also produces a line of unconventional functional ceramics that experiment with light and the weightlessness of clay. Liana Tarantini Ceramics are a celebration of life and light in porcelain! Handmade with quality craftsmanship, each one is created to have a hold for a lifetime. 

It's the quiet moments, like having a cup of morning tea in your favourite mug or sitting in a room filled with your beloved works of art,  that start your day in your own special way

*All photos below are taken by Photographer Gabby Frank & Prop stylist Emily Howes *


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