Liana Tarantini



Liana Tarantini

Hi! I'm Liana, the owner and artist behind Sculpture and Design Ceramics based in Toronto, ON.

I received my BFA from OCADU and continued my formal education in craft and design from Sheridan College. While studying in Florence, I worked alongside artisans and restoration artists who inspired the passion for sculpture that drives my work forward. Today, my studio practice is influenced by the virtues of Italian fine arts, design and architecture

I specialize in ceramics and sculpture, focussing on figural forms and lively floral installations.

I also produce a line of unconventional functional ceramics that experiment with light and the weightlessness of clay. I hope my Sculpture and Design collections can bring a little fun and lighthearted beauty into your daily routine. 

It's the quiet moments, like having a cup of morning tea in your favourite mug or sitting in a room filled with your beloved works of art,  that start your day in your own special way

*All photos below are taken by Photographer Gabby Frank & Prop stylist Emily Howes *

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