About Us


Authentique, means, genuine, representing one’s true nature or beliefs.  At Authentique, we are empowering women, showcasing their talent whilst bridging the gap between fashion and-technology.  

Integrating Technology & Fashion

We are integrating fashion and technology together to provide you with the best online shopping experience you ever had. Our virtual styling technique allows you to personalize your favorite outfits through revolutionary technology.

Ultimately, we wanted to connect  shoppers and provide them with the best online shopping experience through a 3D virtual fitting room.

 We want to empower Egyptian and Canadian women owned brands to shine online through revolutionary technology.







In the summer of 2018,   Nada Marzouk, the Founder of Authentique, After completing her masters in Digital Media at Ryerson University, she decided to bring Authentique to life.  As an avid member of Fashion Zone Canada’s first incubator in fashion- inspired business, wanted to create a platform combining her passion for fashion, technology and empowering female designers.



 "The colours, the vibrancy, it always amazed me. I knew there were talented fashion designers in the Middle East in particular, Egypt, who had incredible talent for creating these beautiful pieces, yet their collections were not available in Canada".


Why Canadian and Egyptian you may ask?

The Canadian founder, Nada with Egyptian roots, wanted to bridge the gap between North American and Egyptian heritages. Visiting Egypt often in her childhood and buying unique pieces representing her heritage, she always got questioned where she bought them from. With so much talent in young designers in both countries she wanted to bridge the gap between both cultures.

I founded Authentique, to solve that problem; to create a new way for you, our customer to shop for distinct, statement pieces whilst simultaneously empowering young, female designers from Egypt and Canada.










Not only are we are curating uniquely, statement pieces for the modern, fashion-conscious woman we are also introducing the concept of a 3D virtual fitting room in the online fashion world, enabling every girl to try out her outfit before she makes a purchase online. The technology allows consumers to see a simulated version of themselves that considers their body shape, size and weight.

Empowering Women Designers

Like Canada and Egypt, Authentique is diverse, modern and rich of talented women; if there is one thing that sets the brand apart it is connecting women and sharing their story. Behind the creation of each product, there is a story and a talented, young woman. This is the base for everything I do and what inspired me to build Authentique. I look forward to continuing this exciting and truly empowering platform.