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ORO Blazer - ShopAuthentique
ORO Blazer - ShopAuthentique
Farah Wagdy

ORO Blazer

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A blazer with a lapel collar and long sleeves. Brocade fabric along with a belt to tie up the blazer 
Dry clean only 
Length 75cm


Gold was thought to be the substance which formed the skin of the gods and numerous statues of the gods were either made of gold or covered with gold leaf and the skin of the god was often painted gold in two dimensional images.

The pharaoh's sarcophagus was made of gold as he was thought to become a god on his death and he was adorned with a variety of gold amulets and jewellery during mummification and the deceased often wore a golden mask. A golden "Shen" amulet was placed over the breast of the mummy to give the deceased the protection of “Ra” and ensure that he or she would live as long as the sun shone.