The Symphony Untold (Mix)
The Symphony Untold (Mix)
The Symphony Untold (Mix)
The Symphony Untold (Mix)
The Symphony Untold (Mix)

The Symphony Untold (Mix)

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400 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

My pattern was created in Bangalore, India
My core colours are inspired by the romantic collision of cultures. I have 12 different layers of watercolour splashes that make up my one-of-a-kind design

Product Information

  • Hand-painted pattern

  • With spot UV details and glossy finish

  • Measures 60cm x 60cm

More About Me
Welcome to the house of Hummingbird Australia. A place where every key is orchestrated from the melody of your meaning. It is in this concourse of harmony that you alone can explore the depths of the unknown; the secrets that were left only to you to decipher. As you take this voucher, a sweetness of notes - ever so passionate - gently wash over your soul. Your eyes begin to slip around the corners, following the twirls, twists and turns, dipping in and out of the euphony. Your heart flutters in tense expectation. Your ears wander over the triumphant crescendo. The tempo changes. The volume drops. The flute, but a whisper. As quickly as it struck the strings of desire, it stops. Leaving the remnants of chords and the beating of your mind to unravel the mastery.