Beit RAMLA exclusive
Beit RAMLA exclusive
Beit RAMLA exclusive
Beit RAMLA exclusive
Beit RAMLA exclusive
Beit RAMLA exclusive
Beit RAMLA exclusive

Beit RAMLA exclusive

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Inspired by the nature of Egyptian desert and its surrounding.

Part of “ Tabee3a “ Beit RAMLA soap family is filled with organic Egyptian ingredients that will take you to another state of mind. It will add some desert nature to your space with our selected handmade soap to match your comfort at your own space.

This product contains:
Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, castor oil, coconut milk, kaolin clay, honey, himalayan salt, turmeric, yellow french clay, rose clay. 

Essential Oil: 
Lemon, orange, ylang ylang, lemongrass, geranium

turmeric revives the skin and is known as a powerful anti-ageing ingredient. it reduces acne scarring, brightens dark circles and contains curcumin, which makes it highly anti-inflammatory.

rose clay exfoliates the skin by removing dry & dead skin cells, infuses the skin with natural minerals while absorbing toxins and improves circulation which tightens the skin and reduces fine lines & wrinkles.

french clay draws remineralises the body and is a natural exfoliant which gently removes dead skin cells from skin’s outer surface & increases circulation, leaving skin feeling soft & moisturised

himalayan salt makes the soap last 2-3 times longer than our other bars. it provides your skin with 84 different trace elements, which are only found in small amounts in very specific environments.

 Additional info: 
Each bar is around 70g, +/- 5g.

Product care:
Your mojsoaps will last longer if kept dry between uses. please keep your soap on a draining soap dish and keep them away from direct streams

Produced by: Moje.